Working Cat Program

What is a working cat?

A working cat makes its living by helping it’s adopter by dealing with the rodent population. These tend to be cats that have behavior problems or are cats that prefer to mostly live outside. They can live on a farm or barn, but also plant nurseries, warehouses, breweries, churches and any venue that might allow a cat to roam freely.

What is the purpose of the working cat adoption program?

While it’s not a typical adoption, the purpose for the program is to find shelter for cats that are difficult to place as traditional indoor pets. These cats usually have issues with extremely high energy, lack of socialization or having trouble adjusting to indoor life – if they were previously outdoor cats. These cats are also spayed/neutered before adoption, so unwanted breeding won’t be an issue.

Adopters responsibilties:

While the cat does spend most of it’s time on the prowl for rodents, the adopter is still responsible for providing shelter, food, water, and medical care. This includes regular vaccines, and flea/tick treatments as well.

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